Renovation of existing 3,023-square-foot medical office space to house the new Barrow Neurological Institute Artificial Intelligence Center and Call Center.

The Artificial Intelligence Center included the creation of open work areas, break room, server data room, and conference rooms. For the Call Center, open work areas, referral center, and individual offices were created.

Key features

  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades
  • New equipment installation
  • New interior finishes

This design concept integrated the hospital’s functional requirements while meeting the needs of all end-users. New equipment and a new space allowed the organization to stay operational during the process.

Renovation and expansion of the 22,930-square-foot space included a state-of-the art kitchen, administrative space, cashier’s office, lockers and support spaces, flexible conference areas, new serving and dining areas, and an outdoor dining space.

Key Features

  • Design considerations included large, custom shaped salad and soup bar, custom floor pattern, multiple cook lines, a deli station, a grill station with two-tier pizza oven, and an action station
  • LEAN exercise with stakeholders from facilities management, operations, and dietary staff to ensure project success
  • Reinforcement of penetrations in existing cast-in-place twelve-inch concrete and the couple mechanical system and controls for six high-capacity exhaust hoods

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale’s new, single-story, freestanding radiochemistry building houses a cyclotron and radiochemistry lab to produce radiopharmaceuticals utilized in PET/CT imaging for advanced services to cancer patients.

The design features critical workflow and integrated systems incorporated into early states of design. Elements included highly specialized concrete shielding/vault design, with future planning for the removal or replacement of the cyclotron as technology advances, and underground conduits and pneumatic tube systems to expedite delivery of radioactive isotopes to the point of care.

Key Features

  • New building, designed for unique radiochemistry needs and considerations
  • PET Trace cyclotron, radiochemistry lab, clean processing room, offices, equipment room, support spaces, and a future retail component to provide flexibility in production for other facilities

This renovation supported the growing demand for inpatient space at Mayo Clinic Phoenix. The project presented a unique opportunity for the medical records system to be incorporated into each patient room for the first time on the Phoenix Campus.

Renovation of several areas allowed for the operation of the new and existing bed pods including a centralized nursing station. Each Bed Pod was planned with unique design aesthetic and functional requirements in mind that met the needs of the specific patient population while still coordinating with existing inpatient areas in the hospital.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration of new equipment with the built environment to support the needs of patients and clinical staff
  • Addition of large monitors for patient interaction inside rooms and small monitors mounted on corridor walls for staff use
  • A combination of coordinated design features and finishes were used to achieve a cohesive design aesthetic to emphasize Mayo Clinic’s values of efficiency, healing, and extraordinary patient care

HonorHealth expanded its cancer center options across the Valley through the creation of the HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network (VGPCCN). VPGCCN can provide a comprehensive range of cancer diagnostic and treatment services under one local highly coordinated umbrella of care. ARCHSOL was sole selected to design the renovation and expansion of 10 Arizona locations.

The projects consisted of shell buildouts for outpatient pharmacy infusion centers and a wide variety of services including interior demolition and updates to interior architectural, structural, mechanical HVAC, lighting, plumbing, power and communication systems, and interior finishes, installation of new equipment requiring reconfiguration and renovation of single pharmacy treatment rooms into a separate medication prep rooms and mixing (C-SCA) rooms, construction of new patient infusion stations and associated nurse stations, and clean and dirty supply rooms.

Key Features

  • Design and construction delivered on accelerated fast track schedule
  • Considerations for unique features at each site
  • USP 797 and USP 800 design implementation

The Dignity Health Gregory W. Fulton ALS Clinic offers specialty multi-disciplinary care and research services for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neuromuscular disorders. The clinic aims to offer complete medical care within a single center including access to advanced clinical trials and research.

Special design considerations included wide hallways and recessed floor scale for wheelchair accommodation and patient and caregiver needs, ergonomics critical for patient care, and nature aesthetics and lighting to promote healing.

The buildout of shell space included 13 consult rooms, 4 treatment rooms, 3 EMG rooms, patient waiting area, therapy gym, infusion center, resource library, physician offices, and additional support spaces.

Key Features

  • 13 patient consultation rooms, 4 treatment rooms, 3 EMG rooms
  • Patient-centered amenities including a waiting area and therapy gym
  • Treatment and support spaces including an infusion center, resource library, and physician offices
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