The new radiochemistry lab building was designed to house a PET Trace cyclotron, a radiochemistry lab, clean processing rooms, offices, support spaces, and an underground pneumatic tube system. This facility will help deliver breakthrough diagnostic tests and research capabilities for individualized patient care across a wide range of applications, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and infections.

Key features

  • Infrastructure and utilities designed for future expansion including a second cyclotron.
  • Pneumatic tube system connecting the cyclotron building to the PET/CT in the main hospital.
  • FDA approved to produce PET radiopharmaceuticals for patient care and clinical trials.

Renovation of existing 5,500-square-foot bed pod. Included new interior finishes, new millwork, new lighting, and new plumbing fixtures. Rooms converted to positive pressure rooms to aid in preventing the circulation of pathogens.

The Mayo Support Services project included improvements and the buildout of a 4,958-square-foot building that consisted of an open office and a travel office. Improvements included updates to electrical and mechanical systems, furniture, and finishes.

The goal of this project was to design an outpatient infusion center in an existing medical office building. Close coordination required with MEP/S engineering teams to reduce the impact to occupied floors above and below the project site.

Design included flexible spaces and aesthetically comforting environments to promote wellness and provide encouragement for staff and patients.

Key features

  • Design and construction delivered on accelerated fast track schedule
  • USP 797 and USP 800 design implementation
  • Project is located on the 3rd level of an existing 4-story Medical Office Building.
  • 24 patient infusion bays, 10 exam rooms, mixing pharmacy, blood draw area and lab, and all support staff and patient spaces

HonorHealth’s Avondale Oncology required a shell buildout to provide an outpatient pharmacy infusion center for patients.

Renovation of existing 8,711-square-foot space included minor interior demolition and updates to interior architectural, structural, mechanical HVAC, lighting, plumbing, power and communication systems, and interior finishes.

Key features

  • Design and construction delivered on accelerated fast track schedule
  • USP 797 and USP 800 design implementation
  • Project is in a single-story wood framed Medical Office Building.
  • 24 patient infusion bays, 9 exam rooms, mixing pharmacy, blood draw area and lab, and all support staff and patient spaces.

Renovation of existing 760-square-foot entry space in the Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center Neuro Rehab department. Included demolition of wall partitions, construction of new ceiling systems and flooring, and updates to electrical and mechanical systems.

Key Features

  • New Reception Desk and Lobby area
  • Updated finishes at elevators and public restrooms

Tenant improvement to convert an existing shell space and storage room into a rehabilitation therapy gym and consultation room. This therapeutic space included the essential neurological equipment to enhance access and convenience for physical therapy patients. A new ceiling system was installed as well as systems furniture and finishes. The project featured a unique use of flooring materials to create a measurable metric of patient’s gait and balance.

Key features

  • Therapy gym, private consultation room, storage room, ceiling system, millwork and systems furniture, and infrastructure upgrades for an improved patient experience

At the St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, fifth floor of the Heart and Lung tower resides St. Joseph’s division of Maternal Fetal Medicine which consists of a team of physicians and nursing staff who specialize in high-risk obstetrics/pregnancies.

Renovation of existing 3,125-square-foot, 15-bed office space and physician sleep room to provide additional private patient rooms. The project featured new finishes to promote a soothing and calming environment, provisions for family members, additional support space for staff, and relocation of an existing ultrasound room.

Key Features

  • Flip down counters for laptops and sleeping sofas to provide comfort for families
  • Charting area for nurses

This project featured improvements to the existing healing garden on the Banner University Medical Center Campus in Phoenix.

Renovation included removal and replacement of existing vegetation, planter dirt, irrigation, planters, curbs, and concrete topping slab down to the architectural slab to create a more patient and staff-centered environment.

Key Features

  • New, complete waterproofing system installed with new topping system to provide proper drainage to area drains
  • New trellis structures, visitor seating and irrigation systems to accommodate new landscape

Two existing cardiovascular surgery rooms at Banner Baywood Hospital were renovated and upgraded to offer state-of-the-art surgical treatment for patients.

The multi-phase project included upgrades for new Siemens imaging equipment, new video integration system, shielding upgrades, and renovation of adjoining sub-sterile room to provide space for a new equipment room.

Key Features

  • Replacement of existing surgery light/monitor boom
  • New surgery table, new med gas booms and new light booms
  • Structural, mechanical and electrical infrastructure upgrades and new finishes
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