Yuma Regional Medical Center – Data Center

The new 12,467 square foot central data center was designed as the central hub for all Yuma Regional Medical Center data and communications systems. This facility serves as the primary line of defense for Yuma Regional Medical Center’s compliance with all federal and state requirements for protection, security, and privacy of electronic medical records (EMR).

A 9,400 square foot area of the data support services was repurposed to accommodate software design and training demands. Design included training rooms for EMR staff and supplemental space for the team engaged in building software to support the program prior to construction.

Consideration of security and information protection was critical. Plans minimized unnecessary traffic in and out of the center to help ensure only individuals with appropriate approval would have access.

Key features

  • Cleanroom environment design, modern, bright, and highly advanced
  • Uptime Tier III critical facility — redundant cooling, ventilation, and power systems
  • Included upgrades to existing Central Plant and other improvements
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